ACTs 2023 Season – LIFE IN COLOUR

Brings comedy, creativity, and heightened reality to the stage.

“People want to smile, laugh and feel good when they leave a theatre performance and that’s exactly what we intend to do with our 2023 season Life in Colour!” ~ Chris Rabideau, Artistic Director of Arts Collective Theatre (ACT)

2023 is also welcoming two new directors to the company.

 “ACT has always been proud of its emphasis on culture and diversity, and we plan to bring that a step further by giving two women of colour the opportunity to sit in the director’s chair.” ~ Chris Rabideau

It will also see ACT partnering with the future home of the Media Arts Community Centre.

Please stay tuned for audition dates and more information on how you can be involved in this wonderful line up of shows in 2023! We are looking forward to meeting you, and to those of you who have supported ACT from day one, thank you for believing in us and our programs. We will continue to create new works and encourage and teach new talent and help them grow in Windsor-Essex’s thriving arts community!