Guys and Dolls

Guys and Dolls is a musical romantic comedy involving the unlikeliest of Manhattan pairings: a high-rolling gambler and a puritanical missionary, a showgirl dreaming of the straight-and-narrow and a crap game manager who is anything but. Set in the Manhattan of Damon Runyon’s short stories, Guys and Dolls tells of con-man Nathan Detroit’s efforts to find new life for his illegal, but notorious, crap game. When their trusty venue is found out by the police, Nathan has to find a new home for his crap game quickly – but he doesn’t have the dough to secure the one location he finds. Enter Sky Masterson, a high-rolling gambler willing to take on any honest bet with a high enough reward attached. Nathan bets Sky that he can’t take the “doll” of Nathan’s choosing to Havana, Cuba, with him on a date. When Sky agrees to the bet, Nathan chooses uptight Evangelist Sergeant Sarah Brown, head of Broadway’s Save-a-Soul Mission. Sky thinks he’s been duped, but he’s in for even more of a surprise when his efforts to woo Sarah are so successful that he falls in love with her himself! Guys and Dolls takes us from the bustle of Times Square to the dance clubs of Havana to the sewers of New York City as it demonstrates the great lengths to which a guy will go when he truly falls in love with a “doll.” Guys and Dolls features some of Frank Loesser’s most memorable tunes, including the hilarious “Adelaide’s Lament,” the romantic “I’ve Never Been in Love Before,” the exuberant “If I Were a Bell,” and the classic “Luck Be a Lady.”

Audition Dates

May 11 6:30pm – 10:00pm
May 13 12:00pm – 5:00pm
May 18 6:30pm – 10:00pm Call Backs


Mondays 6:30pm – 10:00pm
Thursdays 6:30pm – 10:00pm
Sundays 6:30pm – 10:00pm
*.Rehearsals start on May 28 *


All Saints’ Anglican Church
330 City Hall Square W

Please prepare a song from a broadway show (not from Guys and Dolls) no more than 2 minutes long that showcases your talent. If you’d like, you can prepare two contrasting 1 minute selections. Bring a headshot and your resume. Songs can be sung a capella or with recorded backing tracks (we will provide a bluetooth speaker).

All ages welcome and all ethnicities are always encouraged to audition. Please email to book an audition time.

Character Breakdown and Callback Songs

Sky Masterson – (Stage -age 25-40) Callback #25 “Luck Be a Lady”, and #17a “I’ve Never Been in Love Before” with Sarah. A charming and self-assured gambler. Sky is able to adapt to any situation but ready to reel off prepared anecdotes regarding his view of the world. Despite his failings, Sky is immensely likeable and oozes style. His character goes through a considerable transformation during the show. A strong baritone singer.

Nathan Detroit – (Stage-age 30-50) Callback song #27 “Sue Me” with Adelaide. A feckless and humorous manipulator, Nathan is the facilitator of illegal gambling in town. He maintains a distance by acting only as a broker, seldom a gambler. A consummate businessman with divided loyalties; he pacifies his fiancé Adelaide with vague promises of a marriage ‘some time’ in the future. He is always waiting for his big break which never seems to come. Comic timing is a must. “Sue Me” is his one big song. Baritone.

Nicely-Nicely Johnson – (Stage-age 30-50) Callback songs #28 Sit Down You’re Rockin’ the Boat.” And #10 “Guys and Dolls” with Benny. An eccentric gambler and one of Nathan’s closest associates who helps him set up the crap games. Comic timing is a must. Strong tenor singer.

Benny Southstreet – (Stage-age 20-40) Callback song #10 “Guys and Dolls” with Nicely. He is a gambler and one of Nathan’s primary associates. Strong Baritone singer.

Arvide Abernathy – (Stage-age 50+) Callback song #23 “More I Cannot Wish You” He is the older, wiser leader of the Salvation Army in Times Square. He is a reasoned old man with a warm heart that harbors only the kindest intentions, even if he tends to be a little gullible. Family to Sarah Brown.

Lt. Brannigan – (Stage-age 35+) He is a tough, by-the-book policeman engaged in what he perceives to be a battle of wits with Nathan to stop the craps game. This is primarily an acting role. Comic timing and acting ability are essential.

Gamblers – (Stage-age 16 to 60) A variety of men. Only Rusty Charlie has solo singing (in a trio “Fugue for Tinhorns). Big Jule is an intimidating hustler from Chicago, temperamental and a sore loser. Harry the Horse, Angie the Ox, and others. Lots of ensemble singing. The ability to dance/move is a big plus but not essential.

Mission Band members – (Stage-age 20 to 70) Choral singing only.

Sarah Brown – (Stage-age 20 to 35) Callback songs #15 “If I Were a Bell”, and #17a “I’ve Never Been in Love Before” with Sky. An idealistic but sheltered missionary, Sarah is kind- hearted but too categorical in her view of the world. She learns she has an adventurous side and goes through character changes over the course of the show. Must feel comfortable with classic musical theatre singing as well as jazz. Very strong soprano voice needed.

Adelaide – (Stage-age 30 to 40) Callback songs #8 “Adelaide’s Lament”, “#27 “Sue Me” with Nathan. A strongly comic and classic show girl. A club singer and Nathan’s longsuffering fiancée, Adelaide is not always the brightest. Weary of the disruption Nathan’s involvement in the craps game causes to their relationship, she longs for quiet family life away from New York. Comic timing a must, good dancing ability is a plus.

General Cartwright – (Stage-age 40 to 65) The regional director of the Save-a-Soul mission, she is authoritative through necessity but motivated by charity. She cuts loose in the song “Sit Down You’re Rockin’ the Boat.”

Hot Box Dancers – (Stage age 16 to 35) Very good dancers needed.

Mission Band members – (Stage-age 20 to 70) Choral singing only.