Welcome back! Welcome home!

ACT celebrates its 5th anniversary in 2019 with our season called HOME. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years already. Within this time, ACT has pushed boundaries, invested in Windsor’s diverse culture, and tapped into something special that has made us unique and unforgettable. “The Wiz” we knew was a bold but exciting choice for us for this year’s season. It was important for us to build off of the success of past works like Dreamgirls, to deepen our promise of offering inclusive theatre to the community. “The Wiz” is adapted from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz By L. Frank Baum. What I love about this retelling is the emphasis on culture and its celebration of being your true self.

This season we have chosen works that celebrate the theme of HOME. This past winter we presented our Social Justice Theatre project, ACTing Up with Seniors called “Elder Affairs”, a comedy that looked into elder abuse in our homes and communities. This summer we look forward to presenting “Footloose” the musical for our 30 Under 30 project. In the show, Ren moves back home and begins to change the opinions of a town through the power of forgiveness. This Fall we introduce a new program for youth called ACT Youth Creative – a program dedicated to enhancing the performance skills and development of our younger generation.

We also celebrate a new era of ACT as we move into our new home at All Saints’ Anglican Church located at 330 City Hall Square. This past year we’ve used for vocal, acting, dancing, and training rehearsals. We have now opened an office and look forward to the growth of our company now that we have a permanent home. Thank you, Robert, for opening your doors to ACT and supporting us every step of the way in the heart of our city.

The character of the Wiz proclaims “Sometimes you have to look back before you can move forward” I want to take a moment and say thank you to everyone past and present for your dedication and hard work over the last 5 years. Without you we would not be here today. You have laid the groundwork for the future of our organization and I thank all of you for your contributions. I also want to thank Moya, Robin, and Jon for your guidance and time over the last 5 years – thanks for standing by me through thick and thin. Leslie – you can read my mind – thanks for 5 years of creative exploration. To all the volunteers on and off the stage – THANK YOU!

Chris Rabideau
Artistic Director
Arts Collective Theatre (ACT)